Company History

Company History

Fun fact: Our company was created one year before the O’s came to town! Our founder, Frank Pirog Sr. was a bird enthusiast and named the company after his favorite bird, the Oriole bird (MD state bird). To this day, our family are true bird lovers and we proudly root for our O’s! We are the oldest waterproofing company in MD; 65+ years of experience; over 4,000 jobs completed!

Before Oriole:

Our founder, Frank Sr, first learned of basement waterproofing when his own basement flooded in the very early 1950’s. Good waterproofing companies were a rare breed during this time but Frank found someone to do the job. This is when he first discovered what all waterproofing entailed. He took an interest and watched as the work was being performed. Frank Sr was intrigued and he saw a great opportunity. There were many older homes in Maryland that had the same water issues and basement waterproofing companies were hard to come by. Frank couldnt ignore the opportunity and so he decided to take a leap of faith and started a basement waterproofing company.

Oriole’s beginning: Frank Sr.

Frank Sr. started the basement waterproofing company in 1953. This was a family ran business from there very start. His sons, Frank Jr and Brian, grew up working for the business. The company was very successful right from the beginning and Oriole quickly become the #1 waterproofing company serving Harford and Baltimore County. The business continued to grow throughout the years. Frank mentored his son Frank Jr so that Jr could could successfully take over the company one day.

Sr. taught his son everything there was to know and they worked side by side up until Frank Sr. retired in 1995.

Oriole 1996-2016: Frank Jr.

Frank Sr went on to enjoy his retirement and his son, Frank Jr, assumed ownership over the company. Oriole then became a second generation family owned company. Frank Jr evolved the business and Oriole went from running two full time crews to five full time crews. In addition, Oriole expanded their coverage to include Cecil County, Howard County, Carol county and Ann Arundel County. While the company grew, the core company values remained the same. This was still the same family business that it had always been. Similar to his own upbringing, Frank Jr’s son, Frank III, grew up watching his grand father and father run the business. Frank III couldn’t wait to start working for the family business so Jr allowed his son to begin working at age 14. Frank III spent years working with the crews during his summers off from school. He earned the rank of a skilled laborer in high school and then foreman right before graduating. Frank III began selling for Oriole while he attended College at university of Maryland. Frank III was his father’s right hand man. And just like Frank Sr taught Jr, Jr taught his son all the ins and out of waterproofing and running a business.

In January 2016, we lost Frank Jr, a beloved father, son and friend. We miss him dearly and we are grateful to have been able to work along side of him. Oriole would not be where it is today without him.

Oriole Today: Frank III

Frank III is now the owner of Oriole Basement Waterproofing. He knew at a very young age that this was his calling and he is proud to be following in his fathers foot steps. Oriole is now a third generation family owned business. And although 65 years has passed, Frank III shares the same deep level of passion and commitment that his father and grand father had for Oriole’s customers and employees.

Oriole’s Future:

“Like father, like son” has always had a special meaning to Oriole. I think we all know what’s going to happen next…

Orioles Legacy:

Here at Oriole, great knowledge has been passed down from one generation to another. Our business evolves with the changing times but our core values remain unchanged. We serve customers in the exact same manner that we would our next door neighbors and family. We view all of our customers as neighbors and Oriole provides an exceptional customer experience, communicating with you every step of the way and delivering the absolute highest level of workmanship. We take great pride in the company we have built stand behind everything we do.